Sunday 22nd August 2021

Our services for Sunday 22nd August are

8.30am Communion @ St Johns

10.15am Service of the Word @ St Johns. This service will be live-streamed from St Johns

10.15am Communion @ St Cuthberts. The service sheet is available to download by clicking here

Bible Readings for the 12th Sunday after Trinity Joshua 24.1-2a,14-18; Psalm 34.15-22; Ephesians 6.10-20; John 6.56-69

To whom can we go?

The disciples struggle to understand Jesus’ teaching and find it difficult. Jesus encourages them by saying that his words are ‘spirit and life’, but reminds them of some challenges too. When he asks if they will leave him, the disciples respond, ‘Lord, where would we go? You have the message of eternal life.’ They make the active decision to follow Jesus despite the difficulty, intrigued by the journey ahead.

As Jesus begins to answer the difficult questions he posed in last week’s readings, his followers are finding it hard to commit to being disciples. Jesus does not offer easy answers, instead requiring commitment to a way of life that demands a leap of faith.

NB Being the 5th Sunday of the month next week, there will be a joing 10.15am service in St Johns. Therefore, there will not be a service in St Cuthberts on the 29th.