Sunday 8th August 2021

Our services for Sunday 8th August are

8.30am BCP Communion @ St Johns

10.15am CW Communion @ St Cuthberts. The service sheet can be downloaded by clicking here

10.15am Service of the Word @ St Johns.

Bible Readings for the 10th Sunday after Trinity – 1 Kings 19.4-8; Psalm 34.1-8; Ephesians 4.25-5.2; John 6.35,45-51

John 6.35,45-51

Jesus describes himself as the ‘bread of life’. This causes consternation among the Jewish crowd. There is a very real sense of disbelief that the son of a local carpenter could do anything other than follow the family trade, and certainly not talk about having come from heaven. Jesus explains his claim and compares himself to the bread that their ancestors and Moses received in the desert. 

When Jesus gets caught up in this ‘Q&A’ session with the crowd, he can see that they are constrained by their history and by what they think they know about him. He tests the limits of their thinking by offering something radical and new. How might we have responded to his words?